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Wednesday, 24 April 2013
Rejected? @ 00:46 | 0 talkative person(s)

Hello everyone. I'm kinda sad today. You know what? I think i've been rejected by a boy in my next class. Well actually, he had a crush on me(well, i don't its rue or not) but i just ''buat bodoh'' and didnt take this seriously. But, day by day, his gang always tease me being with me but i just ignored it. But, i don't why i kinda have this special feeling towards him. But he didnt know about it. Only Jia Wen, Azmira ,Ah bong and Dhruvasin knows only. So we kinda like each other. But i kinda feel weird this week cause you their gang does not tease me being with him anymore and i don't know why. It's kind of dissapointed. Well, i used to tease by them. And today, a stupid miracle happen, after in the end of the agama class, HE and his gang 'lepak'' at the staircase. Me and Nina was walking towards it. An d then i heard his friend GORILLA(well, it's a nickname for him) said,''Wehh, kau nak pilih yang mana? Nina or Nikita?''. While we're were passed by them,  they tease my name except HE. And one of their friends said''Weh, Fared tak suka kau laa!''. I don't know wether that statement were reffered to me or Nina. Well, if it was to me, am i being REJECTED?

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Sunday, 24 March 2013
PMS @ 08:06 | 0 talkative person(s)

Today is the worst day. I mean, evry month woman always had their time of month isn'nt it? Well, i'm experiencing right now. It's hurts. Oww! I attended Add Maths tuition today. Sir Izzuddin always tease me about "ponteng his classes". Well, you know i'm kind of lazy to attend his class. I mean it's 3 freaking hours. I can't stand it you know. But i'll just bear with it. Well, next year i'll will be taking REALLY MAJOR Exam. It's SPM DUH! -,- haha. Afraid ? Well, yess ! Okay gtg. Chores time! Bye!

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Monday, 6 February 2012
Heart broken ! @ 05:41 | 0 talkative person(s)

heyhey,dah lame dah niki x buka bellogg . maklumlaa niki sibok sejak akhir2 nie.okayy ,, balek kpd tajuk ,. mase hari sabtu iaitu pada 4/2/2012 ade cat kelas . mase niki nmpk laa crush niki kat situ . niki just bollee stalk die je .mase tu niki still sure yg die tu single. die pon ade cat klas jgak ngan ade pemilihan bolaaa . mase niki tgh cat klas ,mesti niki pndng luar tingkap sbb nk tgok die. hahaha .. mse tu mmg niki asyik2 tenong die laa . and then abes cat kul 12 tgh hari , mase tu niki ,fatimah ,fatin and shuhadah otw to BHP . mase on our way to BHP , niki nmpk kejadian yg tdak diingini , niki nmpk die naik basikal fixie and then sebelah die ade pompuan lain . muke die mmg happy gilee laa mase tgh jalan ngn pompuan tu .. sorry laa ,niki xdpt nk bagitau sape crush niki yg niki mnat since form 2 sampai present and pompuan yg die rpt skrang . i think mmg diorang couple . kwn niki yg same klas ngn crush niki ckp yg crush niki selalu balik ngn perempuan tuu .  skrang niki mmg nyesal gilee .Honestly , crush niki mmg mnat niki since form 1 lagi , just niki buat endah -x endah je . start form 2 je , niki mmg ade rpt ckit ngn diie laa , sbb diee asyik ejek niki "manchester" . time tu laa niki start ade feeling kat die .  ,pelik an ?? niki mmg takut nk confess but i'm so sure that he felt the same as well, hahaha ,, okayy smpi sini saje niki lehh ceritakn . nnti niki sambung blek tau . bye !

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Friday, 25 November 2011
Deactivate FB @ 03:39 | 0 talkative person(s)

Hye !!! aku ta tau ape yg berlaku buat mase skrang .. aku rase deactivate FB aku mmg is the best way la . why ? because i have a critical problem right now !!
Kepade org yg pernah aku sakitkan hati , i'm just wanna say i'm sorry . i'm know what's right and wrong !!
If you guys need something from me , just tweet me okayy ?? here my twitter username : @NikitaLovegood
Okayy bye FACEBOOKERS !! Have A Nice Holiday !!! :D :)

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Monday, 21 November 2011
Tigers win !! (MALAYSIA) @ 08:46 | 0 talkative person(s)

oo.. really gladd .. malaysia did win the sea games for soccer ..thank you tigers for make us proud !!!

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Saturday, 12 November 2011
Greyson chance @ 10:08 | 0 talkative person(s)

hrmm , focusing on greyson chance right now !!! me loves him so much !!

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Wednesday, 9 November 2011
Tired @ 02:38 | 0 talkative person(s)

today ,,, not going to school ..i mean,, stomachache..too painful
okee,gtg ,,bye


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